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Sunday 2 July 2023

Mickey Humpper Reviews


As always we thank the people that took time to listen to our stuff and write words about it. This is a list of our favourite quotes and links back to the original articles. Translations are a mixture of Google Translate and Ted's ability to badly converse in many, if we make an error or change any meanings we apologise, it isn't on purpose!

“The Nasty brings the four-on-the-floor, the characteristic hymns, and the gang vocal chants inspired by that classic song about some guy named Mickey (which took me years to realize that it wasn’t Mickey Mouse).” @jpgchief

“With their characteristic sound and unwavering confidence, they ignite the stage with an explosive rock anthem. The track exudes a classic rock vibe as well, resulting in a fusion that bridges the gap between the rest of their discography that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the past.. The band's undeniable chemistry make "Mickey Humpper" an instant crowd-pleaser that leaves listeners craving more.” @wewriteaboutmusic

“In this collaboration there is all the sincerity of independent music. These projects are what keeps the creative fires of musical art alive” @edgarallanpoets

"In an unexpected collaboration, 9o'clock Nasty and The Qwarks deliver a unique musical experience - "Pocket Opera", inspired by the tale of a dog, Ludo, who loved his Mickey toy a bit too much. This is not just a quirky love story, but also a commentary on the struggle against capitalist overlords and their agents.” @tjplnews

“Mickey Humpper by 9 o’clock Nasty gives us a twist on a pep rally chant as per Toni Basil’s cheesy masterpiece Mickey. It’s infused with some good of fashioned British sensibilities and minimal lyrics gives us all we need to know about Ludo and his favourite toy. New music from 9 o’clock Nasty is always exciting because no matter how many of their tracks you listen to, they continue to surprise.” @york_calling

“The music and vocals combine to deliver an emotionally charged experience, urging listeners to confront their preconceived notions of love and relationships.” @music_arenagh

“British 9 o'clock Nasty are one of the biggest driving forces of this millennium when it comes to sonic transgression and nonstop release profusion! They always impact his productions and I always imagine that if Frank Zappa were still around, he would want to have these guys and their musical symbiosis gone mad as his backing band. And that is definitely no small feat!” @musicforallmag

“The ditty of Ludo and Mickey has the potential to prompt many questions. Terms such as consent, appropriate ways of expression, public nuisance, or sensuality may have to be re-discussed. The Ethics Committee for this case are Brighton’s The Qwarks and 9 o’clock nasty from Leicester." @mangowavereviews

“Seasoned with glam rock, a dash of grunge, and an entourage of slapping beats" @lostinthemanor

“The grit and sympathy of these musicians never fails and even in this case the typically rock sounds are embellished and characterized by almost "stadium" choirs and voices filtered and saturated to the limit to create a decidedly over-top atmosphere. The classic 70s rock-style arrangement will make many enthusiasts happy by discovering one of the most irreverent bands of the moment.” @artistionline_playlist

“Avec ce chef d’œuvre, 9 o’clock Nasty et The Qwarks repoussent les frontières de la musique. Ils nous rappellent que l’art a le pouvoir de susciter des discussions importantes et de remettre en question les normes établies.“ @info_music_fr

“Electrifying and peculiar sound… exhaling a sincere freshness” @headbangersnews_br

“The riff has that returning Queens of the Stone Age feel to it. They turn the instruments to a muted radio jam, while the lyrics boom. They have purpose and a few pints in them when they scream “Hey Mickey!”. Very soon, it becomes auto-suggestive, and you can’t stop yourself relooking at that retro rodent with different eyes. The name is so synonymous with the font, I give 9 o’clock Nasty props for using it on their cover art.” @sinusoidal.music

“With punk and progressive influences on both tracks, each song is completely different to the other, each band’s traits becoming apparent in their relevant song. 9 O’Clock Nasty’s track definitely has the punk vibe that I have come to know and love from them, and with the wackiness of the lyrics, this really is a track that stands out.” @metalpriestess

“Les artistes de ce morceau, véritables esprits libres, se rassemblent pour créer une explosion d’énergie qui brise les conventions. Avec leur style provocateur et audacieux, ils repoussent les limites de la musique, offrant une expérience sonore hors du commun.” @indieChronique

“Fans of experimental music and unconventional storytelling will find "Mickey Humper" to be a delightful and intriguing endeavor. The collaboration between 9 o'clock Nasty and The Qwarks pushes the boundaries of creativity, resulting in a project that is both playful and thought-provoking  @the_musical_road



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