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Saturday 1 June 2024

Hot Disco Shit


"Party. With the people you trust.”

Pull on the skin tight fabric. Punch through the veil and break through to the other side. 

It is not enough to be Lost in Music. You must surrender utterly. Ring my bell, get on my funky train, feel my love, but only ever party with the people you trust. Make HOT DISCO SHIT the soundtrack to the joy and the fear and the pain and the love.

When the world is falling apart, it’s time to go retro. What could be a safer place to hide than disco? Feel the gut wrenching fear of AIDS and the twisted sexual need all twisted together and grinding deeper into the floor with every kick of that drum.

Look your best. Dress like it’s your last night on earth. Move to the groove and raise your hands. Weep to the beat. Weep to the beat.

HOT DISCO SHIT is a song about nights lost at the gates of heaven. Fun and laughter stopped by the doorman’s stern rebuke. A song about footwear being judged. About sex and death becoming too close for comfort. 

“Disco is the purest musical form. Crystalline and fragile, yet hard as steel. This song left us bruised and broken.” (Ted Pepper, 9 o’clock Nasty)

“We’d like to dedicate this song to the security staff at Vice Versa nightclub in Loughborough, UK. Stopping me from going in on that doomed, sweaty, terrible night, saved my life.” (Pete Brock, 9 o’clock Nasty)

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Ho Disco Shit is the June 2024 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

Much love to the people that have taken time to listen to our stuff and write about it.

@jpgchief said “…something that feels different, interesting and eyebrow-raising. An act like 9 O’Clock Nasty is always willing to change the game, make up their own rules and break them all at the same time – and on “Hot Disco Shit” that is exactly what they do.”

“…decided to let the groove and funk-inspired production to take the lead and that was the smartest of choices. “Hot Disco Shit” sounds like nothing that ever came from them before, and it’s refreshing to listen to this side of such an unpredictable band. By going full 70s retro, they actually took a step forward into their own universe and revel in the fun of it.”

@rockeramag said “the British group managed to create a super catchy melodic and rhythmic environment where they shine brightly and uniquely.”

“Unlike other songs where the chorus is the most memorable section, “Hot Disco Shit” manages to be catchy across the board…the verses, the chorus, even the instrumental intro sucks you in and holds you tight. The bassline here guys…what a groove…”

@musicearshot said “Hot Disco Shit is more than a song; it's an experience. It advocates complete surrender, encouraging fans to ring the bell, board the funky train, and feel the love

“This music is intended to serve as a soundtrack for excitement, terror, anguish, and love—intensified when the world appears to be falling apart.” 

@york_calling said “an ode to discos of yesteryear with the unmistakable 9 o’clock Nasty edge.”

“A funky guitar riff opens things up before groovy drums come in and acerbic vocals tell a tale of dancefloor judgment.” 

Nicole at @theothersidereviews said “The simple line, “party with people you trust”, isn’t just a hint to having an awesome time with mates; it’s a warning” & she’s not wrong.

“The thing is, just as there is utter, soul-stirring, skin-tingling rapture in the night of funky disco dancing, a darker side swims across the room” 

@sinusoidal.music said “Polish your boots with spit sonny, the disco floor just opened.”

“They get funky, dirty and one with the crowd with their bouncy riff and catchy vocals. They’re joining forces while singing, so its good to know the band is having fun as well. As for the drum beat, yes, it is addictive enough for a pocket where only that groove shines.“ 

@chunedesk said “This track’s not sentimental towards old disco but gives a taste just how filthy disco could be if it had been produced at 9 O’Clock Nasty”

“Hot Disco Shit” demonstrates the band’s ability to produce music that is unapologetically retro yet unorthodox. 

@findnoenemy_ said “basks in its own irreverence and abandon, inviting you to revel in its audacious energy and embrace the uninhibited joy of the dance floor.”

“your ticket to a night of unfiltered disco madness.”

@cheerstothevikings said “production is smart and creative, capturing the essence of early 00s disco vibes. The hook is incredibly catchy and you’ll likely find yourself singing it long after the song ends.

“It’s the perfect soundtrack for those nights when you just want to dance and forget about the world” 

@indieoclock said “This track is a work of art and once again they get it right at launch”

“a light composition of dense lyrics, uniting its rebellious and punk style to a rhythm” 

@thisisapolloharp said “As soon as you hear it, you’ll know it’s a 9 ‘o’ clock Nasty composition. The deliberate disregard to conventional outfits, matched with an off-handed sonic brilliance that both confronts and refreshes you.”

“The track is edged with the classic 9 ‘o’ clock Nasty absurdity, blatantly asymmetrical and provocatively funky. But the rhythm is dilated and the grooves are a slow roll like an OG hip-hop track.” 

@littlechiefmusic said “captures the essence of retro disco with a modern twist.”

“an intoxicating blend of joy, fear, and raw emotion.” 

@gdltudosobremusica “a sound that unites aspects of pop, with grooves of the disco, beats of the dub”

“rhythm that will not leave anyone standing.” 

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