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Sunday 7 July 2024

Retreads 1, the Preyswitch Remixes


"Enjoy, but never forgive.”

Shave away the layers. Refine. Distill. Once more a demonic taint of magic has slithered over the Atlantic and painted 9 o’clock Nasty with snakeskin glitter.

This thing we do, it’s a journey. From time to time we meet kindred spirits from around the globe. Preyswitch is a musician and producer with pedigree. A wild wizard with a thick cuban cigar permanently fixed in his right fist. Based in a place so hostile that for six months of nightless day insects as large as cats constantly slam against the window. A place where for six months of dayless night bears dressed in tight lycra and leather caps rummage through bins and scream for vengeance at an unkind moon. 

Reclusive, mysterious and prone to rage against almost anything, Preyswitch heard something in our songs that made him want to…. utterly destroy and rebuild them. 

So, of course we worked with him. RETREADS 1 takes three of our recent singles and twists them into new shapes and patterns. It’s for a dance floor but not the one you’re thinking of. A dance floor where limbs throw shapes that make your guts ache and your feet sweat. A dance floor on the edge of reality, where wilderness meets the hard vacuum of space. This is the serious stuff. For the pro-consumer.

“Another mad Canadian bastard destroyed our songs. Find him. Prosecute him with all the legal powers at our disposal.” (Ted Pepper, 9 o’clock Nasty)

“Revenge will be sweet. We shall dine on pancakes and tinned vegan ham as we groove to this brutally corrupt masterpiece.” (Pete Brock, 9 o’clock Nasty)

The Ancient Egyptians, well, the minute they had the remix done they would have bricked the bastard into the studio. Dung and hay brick after dung and hay brick, as the sick mind that produced the remix screamed for release. Offered to make just one more edit. Those were the days. That is why you never hear of an Ancient Stock Aitken and Waterhose, remixing the Pharoah's favourite Nileside Tunes.

But we live in modern times, so credit where credit is due, but not forgiveness. Oh no.

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Ho Disco Shit is the June 2024 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

Much love to the people that have taken time to listen to our stuff and write about it.

@jpgchief said ““God has truly abandoned us, but it’s all good. Play it loud.. Dance music for us tarnished & wretched ones, immoral & meek… Ariana Grande fans might enjoy it as well.”

”A new Nasty EP, the same chaotically mad energy. Alas, “Retreads 1” hints by its name that it won’t be the only remixes release, so help us God. The man behind such a foul action? A Canadian”

@fvmusicblog said “Fuelled by exciting beats, exquisite songwriting and inviting production”

“9 O’CLOCK NASTY are on the rise.” 

@york_calling said “Of course, with it being 9 o’clock Nasty, it’s not the typical disco in which we find ourselves.”

“9 o’clock Nasty are proving themselves the masters of the collab. There’s an exciting underground network of international artists around them making some amazing music…… This EP might be the best of the bunch.” 

@edgarallanpoets said “heavy beats creating an atmosphere of tension and intrigue.”

“Imagine a Minotaur with the head of The Prodigy and the Body of Fatboy Slim” 

@musikepool said “a must-listen for anyone seeking music that defies convention."

“The remix transforms the track into a high-octane blend of distorted guitars and pulsating electronic beats. The raw edge of the original is maintained, but Preyswitch adds layers of complexity and depth, creating a track that is both familiar and new” 

@sinusoidal.music said “Preyswitch creates total sonic mayhem here, balancing darkness and movement in perfect disorder.

“9 o’clock Nasty showcases a new level of experimental energy.  Loud volumes are highly recommended to fully experience the dazzling swirl of emotions within each remix. So, turn it up loud for the full immersive, chaotic experience.” 

@korliblog said “bold and unapologetic”

“dark, hypnotic, and utterly danceable masterpieces. @Preyswitch production wizardry conjures up a world where wilderness and space collide, creating a song that’s both eerie and enjoyable” 

@musicaenpalabras_said “It's not just music to dance; it's music to experiment and reflect.”

“Each song is a raw and visceral story, full of vivid images and intense emotions.“ 

@lostinthemanor said “the guitar work and the mixing take this track to a whole another level altogether.“

“a gritty textured, synth-heavy approach to hard rock that’s accentuated by clean vocals with gruff vocal harmonies, making for a rather interesting take” 

@littlechiefmusicsaid “The collaboration with Preyswitch brings a fresh, raw energy to their music… We love the bold creativity of this EP”

“Each song is a journey through new sonic territories, showcasing the band’s willingness to experiment and evolve.” 

@thisisapolloharp said “collaborates with producer Preyswitch to cast these narratives in new perspectives and interpretations. In a way that not only retains the essence of them but elevates it”

“If you enjoy unique and creative soundscapes that challenge, inspire, and entertain the mind, this three-track collection is for you.” 

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