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Saturday, 23 October 2021



"Where the living fuck-mother did all those strange raccoon videos come from?"

Not your typical conversation at the Post Office, but the Rothley brach is a particularly robust one. It started with the daily visits Ted makes to post Nasty Packs to our growing extended Nasty family

The interaction is brief, unless the pack is going to a far-flung location (Bangalore led to a 2 minute conversation in which Ted only managed to mumble the names of fruit). Each time Ted recites the contents of the pack for the customs declaration.

"Compact Disc. Papers. Photos. Seeds. Badges. Doll's Shoes."

She never gives a hint of reaction. Never asks. Never accepts the response of "the same as yesterday." Both Pete and Sydd have lost their shit whilst on a pack-posting run and had to absent themselves from future missions. But Ted finds it soothing.

But she has clearly seen the website. Engaged with social media. Seen.

"Where the living fuck-mother did all those strange raccoon videos come from?"

It seems odd to hear obscenities at a Post Office counter. Well at least, odd to hear them on THAT side of the counter.

Well, this is the full skinny.

SexyBack is out soon. Indeed the double A sided single is already at Distrokid being woven into the streaming services for a November release.

And the video made to accompany it, that did in fact result in the local constabulary being called by a highly agitated neighbour features raccoonish behaviour.

So we've seeded 20s clips that take some of the video and splashed them onto the interweb as a prelude, tease and taster. There are five in all. You have three here, have you seen them all?

But.... to respond to the point. "Where the living fuck-mother did all those strange raccoon videos come from?" They come from our computer. They exist because we like raccoons and we want your engagement. We crave your interest. Your precious attention.

SexyBack is coming.

"In many ways, bands such as 9 O’clock Nasty are our very own sunset. " - Music Is to the Blame Cut "Cut" to the Bone


There is chaos in Koala Studioes. You may think you have lived through chaos, but there is no chaos like this chaos. "Midnight Lover" blares out distorted from the hyperplasma television as Sydd drums a new beat on old newspapers and cans of cheeky Vimto. Streaks of thick white paint drip down the face of the screen as Pete B-Rock lost in a manic phase perches on a wheeled chair slapping a layer of viscous sonic-absorbent coating onto the ceiling and Tedd huggz himself and whispers softly in anguish. All the time a bright red airhorn mounted on the broken CISCO desktop computer fires off a hideous crackle and wail of painfully loud alert.

The Mark E Smith Comparison Alarm has finally sounded and life goes on.

Music is to Blame set it off. No blame to them, it was bound to happen eventually. Later after Sydd found his trusty bean-hammer under the copies of Cosmo in the bathroom-utility-tape storage space and silenced the freakish alarm everyone read the review and agreed it was a fair and balanced piece and actually a very good review. But it came as a shock nonetheless. I mean we all know we will die. We do don't we? We don't know who will go first, but a beginning has an end. Even so it is a surprise. Similarly with Mark E Smith comparisons. It was our time.

(if you have read this far and not checked the review, shame on you, it is a really well written piece and deserves better than this nonsense).

Anyhoo, the sonic-reduction paint has begun to dry and Ted wiped the tv screen so that Our Man In the Bronze Age now play in a loop through a film of oily white.

The review? We hoped you would ask. We have thoughts.

In a world ravaged by a pandemic and a country battling its way through the idiosyncrasies of the largest trading bloc the world has ever seen, things seem particularly bleak. 9 O’clock Nasty would almost certainly agree.

We do. It's bleak, really dire. We laugh at the news but not in the good way we used to laugh at the news back when they were only dirty, greedy self serving fuckwits. Then was better. Thems-was-the-good-old-days. Now it's bleak. Oh we said that. The songs do kind of fall out of the intensity of stupid we are living in right now, we wouldn't have written anything quite so dark two years ago. Even the love song we just finished (and it is a real honest to goodness love song - watch out for it - Do Me Too) has become about watching the the human you love being fucked by someone else and hoping they are enjoying it. To misquote Hunter S Thompson, now everyone has to screw their pants on in the morning.

The track is not only a commentary of the impending doom as the climate crisis hurtles towards us, but it also points to the self-destructive nature of the human race on a more personal level. 

Boing! That landed on the nose. It's about flipping the table full of beers over in the pub and storming out just as much as it is about the near-inevitability of a crisped up swamp of death enveloping civilisation and leaving only the hillbillies and super-rich clinging to rocky outcrops and singing along to Toxic.

highlighted by the crisp and tight guitar solo that is at almost complete odds with the rest of the track. 

Boing! Truth: it was added about 6 weeks after the rest of the song in a moment of madness. We think it rocks big rocks, the fleshy kind. 

Pete B-rock reminds us we’ve “All got so much to gain” on the money-making “Gravy Train”. 

This really fucking upset Ted. Ted sings quite a bit and to have his nemesis identified as singing hurt, but to have his arch-enemy credited and for it to be absolutely accurate in naming lines that Pete DID actually sing is truly a gut-punch. Even Ted finds it amusing but he has a twisted bowel and needs entertainment.

It’s easy to relate our fears of the past 18 months to the government yet, in the movie which inspired the closer of ‘Cut’, the protagonist escapes the city and heads to the surface – witnessing his first sunset. In many ways, bands such as 9 O’clock Nasty are our very own sunset. We may be hurtling towards a climate crisis and continuous economic downturns, but we can enjoy the ride as we do, and ‘Cut’ is certainly a fun ride, despite its subject matter. As Brock suggests – “It’s not your place to be questioning the lesson”, but who would want to when the lesson is as exciting as this.

Thank you James, and sorry for lifting so much of your writing to quote on this page - we hope it doesn't stop anyone reading the original.  You made connections and are truly a music-geek of the highest category. We salute you. Here is our salute photo.

Friday, 22 October 2021

Sinusoidal Reviews Catch Nasty: Delight in a Pouch - we are bad motherphunkers


Please do read the review before reading any of our nonsense. Nishant got under the skin of our CD and it was a delight to answer his questions.

Then, go buy our CD, because if he hasn't convinced you, nothing will! It is a properly good album.

OK done both? Then settle in for a bit of a delight in a pouch, heroin before you hit the couch moment. 

Watch out for that appearing in a lyric sometime soon.

We're not going to lie, we're feeling good this week. We've filmed a great video for the next single, which was a hoot and done some photos, we're getting orders for the CD every day leading to daily walks to the post office and then we get good reviews like this. Ones that reference just about every cool band we'd ever hope to be compared to.

Honestly we could gush all over the review and pick out bits to quote. Instead let's just say we told the truth in the interview and it hopefully comes over as direct and smart. The comparisons are flattering (not always what we were stretching for but what we wanted to make isn't always what someone hears) and generous. We love the description Phunk. Phunksters. Phunkadelic. So if you ignored what we said at the start, please do give it a read. Or read it again. We will.

There is one tiny thing we need to say in response. We sometimes say shit that might sound like we're aiming it at someone or something when actually we're just evoking something that made us smile.

The review picks up on If They Won't Eat Beef thus:

If They Won’t Eat Beef is a Ramones/The Clash style angry track about something that seems to be bothering them. Vegans. Yuck. Alright, enough hate towards a group that don’t really have the energy to argue. I support this song a 100%, and is going to be my standard reply to a certain people on my chat list.

We adore the idea that someone could use our song as a riposte in an argument. Do it. Do it and win, but the song is in no way anti-vegan. Some of our best friends are lapsed vegans (no hate please, humour remember?). The song is about that moment when you go home and tell your mum you've become vegetarian/ vegan/ mormon. When Ted did this to yank his mother's chain in the old times, her freaked out reaction was "but if you won't eat beef, what will you eat?" That is where the song comes from. If you think that's cruel bear in mind that his mum had the last laugh, serving him a cold onion bhaji in place of turkey for Christmas dinner (and the carnivore Ted slathered with a froth of saliva for weeks as he maintained the pretence). Further evidence, see the video, it probably makes our position clear.

Nasty Pack, what does it cost and what do you get?


Well it is out and it is on sale. But what do you get for your £5 plus postage? Well.... here is everything you need to know.

Get yours now

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Out in November: Get Ready


October is all about Catch Nasty. We hope if you're reading this you'll be considering a Nasty Pack for your future

We're busy though. Prepare yourself to scatter glitter over the dance-floor and move to the relentless beat that knows no compromise. Sexy Back is coming. You may think you know the song... but you will never hear it the same way ever again. Think Dark. Desperately groovy but dark.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Musical Blender! The Roadie Music Review of Catch Nasty


Roadie Music wrote a delectable review of Catch Nasty (which is available now for £5 CD or £3 digital). 

Ted feels like doing a correspondence course in Portuguese as he bends and twists his rudimentary grasp of Spanish to make sense of these Brazilian paragraphs - here is the original, we love just seeing it in all it's original glory. We've said it before but "bunch of nutters from Leicester: Brazil: Fuck!"

Below is a genuine attempt to accurately translate the text....

The creative potential of this group based in Leiceter, England is simply unbelievable. We always have to come across a relevant new release, which leaves us absurdly short of time to digest the previous experience. They really are in a sensational phase! After the amazing and VERY recent EPs, “Dust” and “Cut”, 9 o’clock Nasty not satisfied, arrives with his first album in digital format, “Catch Nasty”!

We could take our feet of the "releasing new stuff" pedal but... we write it as fast as we release it! New product baby, new product. We're working hard on the next two right now.

The incredible symbiosis of sound, which is already characteristic, is present in this “musical blender” with an irrepressible repertoire. The versatility in which they move through the most disparate references, within their powerful garage-rock with powerful pop incisions, is impressive. “Gravy Train” brings irresistible rockabilly, plus the strong hard-rock prominence of “Monstruosa”, and as the title indicates, “Say No To Funk” has a stratospheric “killer” groove!

So.... "Musical Blender" and "Killer Groove" are going on the quotes wall.

We quote some examples, but the record is irrefutable in its production, impossible to “skip” tracks.

Ha ha well that would be because it is impossible to skip tracks unless you buy the CD, (£5 link above) because we released it as two honking big mp3 files. In hindsight that was a mistake but it was a deliberate attempt to force the whole "this is made to be listened to as a single piece" line to its ultimate conclusion.

It's a really flawless trip, the guys shoot in all directions and just hit everything! The recent EPs already gave evidence of all this synergistic talent through the devastating sound permeation of the most vivid, but really “Catch Nasty” breaks ALL expectations! It is worth mentioning the sensational cover, a montage on top of the classic image of “Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”, by the Beatles, and it also shows a great differential in the presented context. The LP features updated versions of many of the songs from the band's EP series with a few extras, including the deconstruction of Bauhaus' classic “Terror Couple Kill Colonel”. Registration is available for digital download, CD or limited edition “Nasty Pack”, with a number of special extras, exclusively through Bandcamp. Available below, 9 o'clock Nasty in one of the year's releases:

Thank you Alessandro and everyone at Roadie. One day we hope to meet you and sip an ice cold beer and tell each other how great we all are. Seriously.... we could combine a holiday and a tour.... 

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

The Edgar Allen Poets: Legendary Middle Finger for Catch Nasty


Reviews are coming in now for the LP "Catch Nasty" (available to download or buy as a CD) and one of the first is from the Edgar Allen Poets - who have been known to come up with some language to describe our stuff that made us both do a double take and leap to the ceiling.

Catch Nasty, and the experience begins is another corker. It's short so please give it a click and see what he says. 

"Continuous Madness"

I guess this is praise. We are trying to build momentum and throw stranger and stronger things out each month, so a growing madness is certainly in our wheelhouse!

"I felt like a guinea pig in their lab... "

Love the idea that someone listening would have a "what the fuck?"moment. That's a joy missing from so much music as it becomes more manufactured and honed. We need rough edges. For the record though:

  • We would never run an animal testing lab. There's no money in it anyway.
  • We certainly wouldn't use a guinea pig. We'd call a guinea pig Hamish and give it a polka dot bow and let is roam Koala studio freely. We also would never give a listener or a reviewer electric shocks. At least not yet. That may come in a later phase.
"if you are a sheep following the flock, this music is not for you."
Delicious. Any artist would hope to be in that position, leading astray, taking people from the periphery and onto a different path. Whether it was the Velvet Underground, the Sex Pistols or the Cramps or <insert name of other band we didn't mention here> some bands create moments that take people down a different path. It is a really kind comparison and one we will hope to live up to with future releases.