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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Reviews for Disco Investors


Thank you to everyone that takes the time to listen to our stuff and writes about it. We try to link to and comment on what we see.

@jpgchief  "Heavier than Elon Musk’s ego, the riffs in this single by 9 o’clock Nasty are more of a statement than just strings making noise. “Disco Investors” is a track which of course comes with the Nasty’s inevitable sense of humor and unique sense of cynicism. A track made in collaboration with producer Hugo GT, a wanted man in most of his home country because of his criminal sound… But bad jokes aside, the riffs in this single are a beast, and it’s a song that hits hard and takes no prisoners. I never really understand what Nasty’s lyrics are about but they’re something about filthy rich mofos getting even filthier and richer, while the rest of us just crawl in the dirt.”

@KARLISMYUNKLE “The anthemic nature of the opus is tangible, and we can only imagine how incredible it would be to experience a 9 o’clock Nasty live performance, full of charisma and authenticity. Disco Investors is another eye opening and thought-provoking concept, which really allows us to see the world for what it really is. This is what makes 9 o’clock Nasty so highly unique.”

@sendmeyourears “Disco Investors comes straight in with slamming drums and a catchy and infectious guitar riff that immediately gets stuck in your head. Disco Investors has, like all of 9 o’clock Nasty’s songs, great use of stops and rise and fall to create a spectacular dynamic soundscape. The stops with drums interspersed with vocals are a sublime touch in this track and leave the listener absolutely engaged. Whilst we love the ‘shouty’, punky layered vocals of 9 o’clock Nasty, their strength (in our opinion) is when they’re harmonising, and the choruses here display some real moments. At times, the stops make use of slightly discordant guitars and add tension. The band make good use of shakers to add some top end to the track in all the right places. Don’t let the laid-back punky approach fool you, these guys know how to create a song that grabs your attention and runs off with it.”

@rockeramag “The brilliance of this song is not just in how every instrument complements the others, or how the lyrics are comical and sketchy, but in how every one of these elements is utilized to its best place. The transitions from one section to the other felt so smooth and well-placed that I didn’t think for a split-second that I’m listening to something different or that the mood had changed. For that catchy chorus, coherent songwriting, and overall glam-inspired vibe, I believe this song will garner a lot of success on the charts.”

@edgarallanpoets “9 o’clock Nasty is the voice of the underground…. Powerful and irreverent, now a hallmark of this band. They are raising a mammoth middle finger to the world and they continue on their way showing off their white buttocks.” 

@sonomusicgroup ““Disco Investors” is a high-energy track that combines glam rock and toxic masculinity with an unlimited supply of sugar snacks. …. 9 o’clock Nasty’s signature sound, which is heavily influenced by punk and rock music, is complemented by the production work of Hugo GT, a producer known for his filthy soundscapes and restless creativity.”

@musicforallmag “And understanding the pain of these poor rich people (laughs, many), the band decided to dedicate this humble and captivating explosion of riffs, strings and accented beats to this select group that wants the world to work out, only for them, in this case, and Of course, 9 o'clock Nasty went to great lengths to make people understand once and for all that the rich cry too (out of hatred for us poor people).“

@sinusoidal.music “…god knows they make it catchy. It has a Suck My Kiss like rhythm, but no one can write lyrics like Sydd, Pete and Ted. When you click 9 o’clock’s Spotify home page, it’s important to click the loop button before the play. …Congratulations to the terrifying trio for their hardest rocking song yet. It’s been cloudy here, so that song dried my socks to a crisp canapé. 9 o’clock Nasty is one band that will organically grow to have the weirdest fan base that will engage in delightful debauchery”

@elnews Nasty unleashes a wild, high-energy explosion of sound with their latest single, "Disco Investors." This saucy banger takes the listener on a journey through glam rock, punk, and alternative rock, complete with super edgy male vocals and anthemic choruses. The band's collaboration with producer Hugo GT results in a sound that is raw, gritty, and downright addictive…. It's the kind of song that makes you want to throw caution to the wind and join the glitter-strewn rebellion.9 o'clock Nasty's sound is unmistakable, with a mix of garage and art rock that sets them apart from the crowd.”

@info_music_fr "Disco Investors" is an atmospheric song that could be listened to all day long. Indeed, this music is rich in sound and also in humour. The voices make us take off and travel and with the strong sound of guitar and drums, we are inevitably transported by the musicality of 9 o'clock Nasty. "Disco Investors" is a pleasant and fun song that has conquered us and will certainly do the same with other listeners.”

@mangowavereviews “The new nasty meets Hugo song combines the easy-going liberty of Disco with the rebellious attitude of Garage and Punk Rock. It is a song about the Disco Investors told from the Disco Investors‚ point of view, and if you have not already joined the movement yet, the catchy chorus will very likely make you look up how to build a guillotine. With riffs so nasty like it’s nine o’clock, the trio from Leicester and Hugo GT have produced the song that will make you take to the streets and protest – while dancing.”

@tjplnews “9 O’Clock Nasty have pushed out another rampaging single, this time titled, ‘Disco Investors.’ The bold sounds that 9 O’Clock Nasty have been cultivating for a time now come at you full speed. The light show of rock and roll blended with contemporary rock vibes gives this single one hell of a hook and one hell of a sound.  The beat catches you. It has a groove to it. The instruments are blaring, guitars squealing, bass rattling. The instrumental is about to go off the rails. The vocal catches it partway, it grabs the reigns and pulls it back on track. The whole song is propelled by a thunderous power that lives in the core of the tune. It's bright, upbeat and electric. 9 O’Clock Nasty have found a hole in the new-punk-rock space and are making it their own. ‘Disco Investors’ has the punk attitude, the rock volume and the creativity to send it into the stratosphere. A great track performed to the brink.”

@senocular.media ““Disco Investors,” is a rugged glam rock jam centered around money hungry investors moving from one scheme to the next. The song is highlighted by anthemic vocals, wailing guitar riffs, funky bass, and pumping drums. 9 o’clock Nasty’s latest single, “Disco Investors,” is a raw garage rock hit and the perfect addition to any rock playlist”

@yorkcalling “…what stays the same, though, is their irreverent and thoughtful approach to punk rock. Their latest takes a stab at billionaires getting their wealth from the suffering of others and it’s called Disco Investors. Disco Investors is lively dance rock with a tongue-in-cheek message. It rails against the illogical nature of our economic-political establishment where the wealthy have their thumb on the scales while most scrape by. The lyrics will make you angry, but its danceable melody will give you a release for that anger. Production comes once again from Hugo GT who take the 9 o’clock Nasty sound and makes it even nastier. Disco Investors is another banger from a band that simply demands to be noticed. “

Sunday, 19 March 2023

Disco Investors


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Disco Investors is the March 2023 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

Listening Notes

It's dark at the top. In the rarified atmosphere or the ultra rich, they know we need freedom. Freedom to innovate and invest. We feel their pain. We made a song about it.


Your Home

Your Dreams

We Really Don't Care


(c) 2023 9 o'clock Nasty

Sydd Spudd Beats

Pete Brock Guitar vocals

Ted Pepper Bass, vocals

Mixed by Hugo GT.

Sunday, 12 February 2023

Low Fat Jesus Reviews


Here are some of the words of wisdom about our beautiful little song.

@jpgchief “I didn’t know what to expect, but every second was worth it. A strangely good Punk track with lots of un-holy vibes. Just how I like it. “Low Fat Jesus” is the Nasty returning to what gives them birth: Punk music (well, also art-rock and post-punk but you get the point). Described as a Punk apocalypse, this track shines through its exciting riffs and choruses to sing along to. It is almost absurd how good it is, some might say heretical even.”

@sendmeyourears “Low Fat Jesus starts with a simple running 8s driving bass line and drums backing it up. Electric guitars join the mix and fill out the sound before the witty and shouty vocals come in and take over. There are some superb harmonies in the choruses here, with a high-quality performance as well as an excellent choice of notes with what sounds like a suspended chord. The repeated line, “don’t do what I do, do what I say,” echoes the rather sanctimonious attitude the band are poking fun at. We love the sections in this song, always returning to that super-catchy sing-along chorus. The stop with the long-held guitar note and implied lyric explodes into the chorus and forces you to join in. This is a song we can imagine working well in a live situation.”

@edgarallanpoets “The church with its dogmas is targeted by the 9 o'clock Nasty who boldly speak of the evils of this institution. If the Vatican will send a hitman to take care of them, it is certainly a possibility they had considered while composing this tune. For this reason, the message of this song takes on an even greater meaning. 9 o'clock Nasty are martyrs here to open people's eyes and minds through their music.”

@themetalpriestess for METAL ASYLUM “Having previously reviewed the last single Too Cool for the band, I was eager to see what else they had come up and I wasn’t disappointed. Opening up with a funky bassline, it's not long before the song erupts into lots of punky goodness. Although raw and edgy, there is also a melodic element to this track (which wasn’t in the previous one) in the form of some lyrics that really will get stuck in your head…. Combining elements of punk and alternative in the vocals, the singer’s voice has a unique twang to it that sets him apart from other punk singers. The shouty backup vocals are back on this track and these are mixed with the melodic element mentioned before, creating something that really stands out!”

@sinusoidal.music “This might be the closest we hear 9 o’clock coming to Deep Purple. With a Highway Star like tempo, we are off to a great bassline. …. The guitar layers add a devious dimension to it, like an octave melody that will get have you drooling like a dachshund. Dare I say, this is an inspiring track from the boys…. The riff break amps you up for the kind of adrenaline rush only an EpiPen can legally administer. There is a punk rock quality to this track that will rinse the calcium off your bones. When 9 o’clock Nasty release a track, they make it an event. It is like watching a bear guzzle lighter fluid and run into a forest fire. Expect delirium.”

@fvmusicblog “9 O’CLOCK NASTY are back with a bang! Their latest single ‘Low Fat Jesus’ is a riff driven song with memorable melodies, excellent musicianship and thought-provoking lyrics. ‘Low Fat Jesus’ hears a progression in 9 O’CLOCK NASTY’s sound and we eagerly anticipate what they will do next.”

@findnoenemy “As outlandish and outspoken as ever, 9 o’clock Nasty don’t spare a single punch on their fiery punk rock onslaught “Low Fat Jesus”. The frenzied garage punk that you’ve come to expect from this audacious and bold group doesn’t let down… At perhaps their most brazen and boisterous, “Low Fat Jesus” is a sheer dumping of vengeance and decrying the sheer industrialism of the church and religion it espouses.”

@gdltudosobremusica “’Low Fat Jesus' is a single that delivers to the public a sound that passes mainly through punk, be it rock or post, with energetic guitar riffs, highlighted bass, very well performed drums and energetic vocal line, which invites us to hum together especially in the chorus. Having a lyricism about the Jesus who welcomed the people, as long as they contributed a good percentage of their income as rent, she also talks about current topics on a global scale, such as gaslighting.”

@yorkcalling “Opening with a rumbling bass line, there’s a touch of the new wave about Low Fat Jesus but the vocals are unmistakably punk. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics don’t let up, with a message that calls out the world’s hypocrites. Through it all, though, Low Fat Jesus is catchy as hell. You’ll be chanting the chorus for the rest of the day, mark my words.”

@tjplnews “Rock isn’t enough all of the time. Don’t get me wrong I live for it. But sometimes you need it to kick you in the teeth and run away laughing. You need it to live in the moment and be rough with it. That’s when you turn to bands like Nine O’Clock Nasty and their latest single, ‘Low Fat Jesus.’ It's a rock song, but everything is expanded. It’s louder, faster; the guitars are richer, the bass is rougher. In the chorus, vocal layers chant and shout, sending the melody hurtling at you. It's unavoidable. You get hit square in the brain and there the hook will stay. “

@havoc_underground “…a raw and anthemic new tune that boasts an epic blend of punk, garage, and straight-up rock n roll. Poppy vocal flows shine over a distorted and ripping instrumental, leaving listeners with a nostalgic and refreshing release. Clever lyricism keeps you engaged as you're handed unique transitions and spot-on garage-styled production work. “

@illustratemagazine “9 o’clock Nasty’s single ‘Low Fat Jesus’ is a fantastic example of punk rock at its finest. With influences from the early days of punk, this track showcases the shock value and offensive lyrics that made the genre so iconic. The song’s sacrilegious black comedy, bright and upbeat chords, and well-timed drum lines are all elements that pay tribute to the roots and basics of punk rock.”

@mangowavereviews “…the three New Indie protagonists from Leicester present a Jesus that could be friends with Nick Clegg, Christian Lindner or David Nolan. Not only does this Jesus preach water ad pour you wine, he also charges you outrageous prices for that beverage. ‚Low Fat Jesus‘ will not stab you in the back, but only because he can still make profits from you believing in him. In the past, 9 o’clock nasty have undertaken some blows against patriarch and capitalist structures in their songs. In their latest single, they address the kingpins of oppression, gaslighting, intrigues and perversion. …What we do know is that ‚Low Fat Jesus‘ comes with a completely different sound than many of the previous singles by 9 o’clock nasty. Post Punk or Nasty Wave can hardly be found in this track. Instead, Ted, Sydd and Pete provide us with a two-and-a-half minute 1980s Punk Rock anthem.”

Saturday, 11 February 2023

Low Fat Jesus


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Low Fat Jesus is the February 2023 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

Listening Notes

From the bowels of history a figure rises. They want crisps, they want your love and they want your unrelenting, endless obedience. Or else.

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(c) 2023 9 o'clock Nasty

Sydd Spudd Beats

Pete Brock Guitar vocals

Ted Pepper Bass, vocals

Sunday, 8 January 2023

Too Cool Reviews


@RockEraMag "The band pushes the boundaries with a total banger bringing the spirit of rock to the listener’s ears with sprinkles of punk all over it. While the song takes on a sarcastic lyrical theme, it was definitely fascinating how the song starts off with a literal drum roll to introduce the catchy guitar riff that backbones the whole song. The drum line in the song is groovy with fills marking every transition in the song. In addition the bass line is simple and melodic, maintaining a rhythm and keeping the listener interested. The verses are driven by a shouting duet from Pete and Ted fuelling the energetic vibe of the song, while the chorus takes a sing-along approach with a full-on punk rock groove. Before the last chorus Pete takes the spotlight with a melodic guitar solo derived from the main riff."

#SkylightWebzine "The song begins with a catchy Funk Rock guitar riff reminiscent of the Red Hot Chili Peppers; however, the later revealed influences are more than just Funky music. The double vocals blend into the stereo field and deliver an old school Rap attitude (check out Ice T and Beastie Boys) which brings back memories of the “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” song. ….. In general, although this song confused me in the beginning, now the more I listen to it, the more I find interesting and smart music that impresses me. I hope that you will have the opportunity to check for yourselves!"

@mangowavereviews “A motivating drumroll opens the track and immediately the funky New Indie guitar lick invades your ears, tickles your synapses and tells you butt and legs that its time for some cool moves now. And as the first vocal line „He’s the Low Fat Jesus, the Indie King“ drops in, die-hard 9 o’clock nasty fans will have realized that something is different here. It is neither the energy nor the sound. In fact, the guitar lick that frolics through the verses like a breakdancing polar bear reminds of the main riff in ‚Food on the Floor‚. What is different in ‚Too Cool‘ is yet about the sound, and it is the production of the song. ‚Too Cool‘ is the first collaboration between 9 o’clock nasty and producer Hugo GT from Québec. And as much as this person may be a monster, he is a beast when it comes to producing fat and cool sounds, and this song proves it.”

@jpgchief “Man, every time I think I’ve figured out the Nasty they always return with more and more ways to surprise me. “Oh, no you don’t”, they say to me with every new single. So what’s next? More gritty garage rock tracks with sexual innuendoes? Perverted hymns of unholy sacraments? Well, I’ll tell you, their next track is, once again, their best track yet. “Too Cool” is a celebration of infamy in a libertine paradise of glorious hedonism. Too cool to die, too cool to live. A Rock and Roll track with a beat to die for with a raw, uninhibited groove created by maniacs.”

@KARLISMYUNKLE “What we love about 9 o’clock Nasty is their unparalleled ability to create social commentary through their lens of wisdom and experience, and Too Cool is no exception! Setting the tone with rolling drums and a classic rock guitar melody, we are immediately drawn into the opus.

The band sing evocatively, “He’s the low fat Jesus, the indie king, he’s too cool for school and all the childish things…” as the paint a picture with their words, not dissimilar to the concept of their single, Team Player…. We are forever fans of 9 o’clock Nasty and constantly impressed by their dedication and output – a band that knows themselves well and the themes they sing about – raw, and authentic talent.”

@sendmeyourears “There is a quiet confidence in their music: a brash and confident strut which makes you love them as humans, whether you like their music or not. True art is about how it makes you feel, and 9 o’clock Nasty never fail to make us feel something…. Everything about the track is catchy as hell. If we didn’t have more reviews to do, this would likely be on repeat for the day.”

@phantom_power_music_blog “Funk, Punk and Rock.  Go ahead, make your comparisons to Cake, RHCP and even the Buzzcocks - you’d be on point.  Listen to the dryness of the mix, the guitar tones, and the way the bass line slithers between the kick and the guitar.  Great jam.  Pay attention to the guitar tones here, because they are just going to keep building and building.  We’re off to a great starting point - and I love the fact that the whole intro is odd.  1 bar of snare, 8 bars of riff, and 2 bars of snare.  You would expect an even set of numbers for the entire passage - way cool.  …Nice work boys - great funky punk anthem you’ve got here - hope to see you play it live someday!”

@sinusoidal.music “Too Cool uses a cool, unique riff to kick open the plastic doors and the velvet ropes that block your way to suave city. The snare strafe that opens the song is a caffeine kick in itself, then comes the coolest groove that side of the world. …Tell me one other band on Earth that will give you imagery like that. Don’t even bother searching. It is an electrifying, riff based rock song that scratches that itch and itches that scratch. 9 o’clock Nasty had songs to hold, keep, and close the party. Now they have one to start it off.”

@itsallindie “"Too Cool" carries on with their infectious sound as you can hear almost as soon as you smash play on the track. The single almost feels like they've transformed into a band that is literally on the cusp of a UK-wide tour, we've got funky guitar tones which you would expect to hear in a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song but they've kept that punk-edge that has got them where they are today.”

@york_calling “Opening with a drum roll, the track quickly hits a bluesy groove. Attitude-filled vocals join in and, without realising it, you’re moving along. Its tongue-in-cheek lyrics take no prisoners while bringing a smile to your face. With elements of classic rock and modern lyrical themes, there’s nothing not to like about Too Cool.”

@fromthestrait “Aside from the fact that I can only assume getting a pint with this trio would result in an eventful and memorable time (and who wouldn’t be on board for that?!), I’m always excited to see a new release from them hit my inbox. “Too Cool” is another gem in their discography, with edgy vocals, infectious guitar riffs, and a nostalgic aspect to the song that makes it feel familiar but completely different.”

@findnoenemy “Ever the provocateurs, ever the torchbearers of something more exciting, and consistently unwavering in their madness, 9 o’clock Nasty don’t spare the punches or disappoint in the slightest with their latest frenzy on ‘Too Cool’. With perhaps the most clean production I’ve heard yet, ‘Too Cool’ departs from the more rough around the edges soundscapes I’ve come to expect. It feels polished, but more visceral, addictive, and engaging. An absolute banger, from back to front. Too cool for school can’t stop replaying in your head.”

@edgarallanpoets “The perfect soundtrack to a robbery”

@indiemusicflix “There is no telling what they can do, and their past is no lesson to derive a sensible future. Manic, creative and sounding absolutely original, they have left a series of songs in their wake. Here, they welcome you to the Dapper & Debonair Academy with their track Too Cool. Certain entrances demand a head turning standing”ovation. The riff that 9 o’clock Nasty open this track with is precisely designed that way.”

@havoc_underground “Ripping guitar arpeggios pull you into this track as you're then thrown into a wild ride full of poppy vocal flows, unique transitions, and solid production work. This is a really dynamic release, and it'll leave you wanting to smash the replay button to experience the journey again once it's over.”

@danzigkrupp “A tight drumroll followed by three minutes of full-on attack. By the end I was begging it to stop but I had to play it again and again. It made me. There is a sickness at the heart of this song that pushes me to the edge. But it’s a catchy bastard. A trickster. Send help.”

@info_music_fr ”Le son est plein de bonnes ondes positives qui vous confèrent assurément du punch toute la journée. N’ayez point de retenue à le mettre comme votre réveil. Quoi de mieux qu’être cool chaque jour ?

Drums, electric guitars, and voices full of energy, the entry into the running of the title of the Boys Band will certainly penetrate you in a thunderous way. The sound is full of good positive vibes that are sure to give you punch all day long. Have no restraint in putting it as your alarm clock. What's better than being cool every day?”

@theothersidereviews “I love to taste more of their music, and they never let me down. Ending 2022 with their track ‘Rise Up’, ‘Too Cool’ shakes you awake rubbing that sleep from the corner of your eye. The thing is, while the UK-based trio could be thrust into the “punk meets grunge” genre, ‘Too Cool’ is a fusion of their old-school punk tinged with elements of vintage rock ‘n’ roll. Interestingly enough, while a dark, rock flow exists in the melody, the pounding drums and bold guitars send your heart soaring with their obscure distortion.”

@risingartists.musicblog “By the end, you’re left feeling either energized or cathartic, depending on how you digest your music. Regardless, this track is a fantastic example of how unique modern rock can be. Give Nine O’clock Nasty a listen and a follow!”


@thewildiscalling “The 9 o’clock Nasty are back and you know what time it is.  These boys are Too Cool to fool around. They’re ready to slap-ya-in-the-face with this jiving jam.  The UK rock and roll pranksters have hit their stride, penning dare we say their best song yet.  Too Cool instantly recalls the infectious punk hip hop appeal of Beastie Boys with a taste of “before they sucked” era Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Funky and not taking themselves too seriously, it hits.  Try to deny yourself, you can’t.”

@themetalpriestess “This is a raw, riff-based track full of groove, energy and is a funky punk anthem that more people should have the pleasure of listening to as it is so infectious (six times on repeat and wanted to listen to it a further six!). Go check it out!. Can I listen to it again yet???!”

@senocular_media “Rugged riffs and raspy vocals deliver a raucous tone and angsty frame of mind reminiscent of early Beatie Boys. 9 o’clock Nasty’s latest single, “Too Cool,” is a raw indie rock anthem and the perfect addition to any rock playlist. “

Saturday, 7 January 2023

Too Cool


Available at > YouTube | Amazon Music | Spotify | Apple Music

Too Cool is the January 2023 single by 9 o'clock Nasty 

Listening Notes

From the darkest pits of the Hell that is Canada, to the ugliest glitter mine in Leicester, we bring you Too Cool. A song that walks on its hind legs and wears shades. Believe me, that is only the start of the story. You can be too cool. You can. But never stop trying.


He's the low fat Jesus, the indie king

He's too cool for school and all those childish things

Wear it for the label he knows how to yeet

Too fast for learning bust the other cheek

Too Cool For School. Hey.

He's the pound shop Buddha from the nicer side

Feeling superficial with the looks to slide

Straight into your Stories and your high hit Reels

He's making likes and comments that make you feel

Too Cool for School. Hey

He gives maximum pressure to the other kids

Ejected and rejected from more schools than Sydd

Too sassy for the army just for shits and gigs

He drinks White Lightning and he rolls his cigs

Too Cool for School. Hey



(c) 2023 9 o'clock Nasty

Sydd Spudd Beats

Pete Brock Guitar vocals

Ted Pepper Bass, vocals

Produced by Hugo GT.

Sunday, 1 January 2023

Too Cool. Start 2023 with a Kick

The first 9 o'clock Nasty release of 2023 is TOO COOL. Please give it a pre-save

Too Cool started in the summer as this majestic fusion of a Dandy Warhols style guitar riff and a bizarre Fall-esque vocal delivery. The component parts were great but the result was an angular blob. We were busy with the upcoming gig and other songs that were screaming for attention so it was set aside to fester. Like the mould on yoghurt. Like the resentment in a long but flawed relationship. Each session we would go back to it and ponder. Sometimes we'd add a bit. Then we'd add a bit more. Too Cool accumulated layers of ugly than a candidate for a safe seat in Surrey.

Then one day as we finished prepping the daytime studio, Studio 9, we decided to give Too Cool another go. The original vocal was mostly deleted and replaced with a two-parter that bedded into the song better. The guitar chords layered and shone. We pronounced ourselves satisfied. 

But the story ends not there. A wicked troll on the internet called Hugo sent us an email. Hugo is from Quebec and therefore immediately seemed exotic and somehow alluring to us. He is a music producer. Give me your song he said, that I might make a thing of pure beauty. Oh and we believed him. We were seduced. He took our song and he cut off its graceful legs. He broke its delicate filigree fingers. He did the work of a true monster of rock. Hugo serves the guitar gods. He is obsessive and he is dangerous. We had met our match. He refined and reduced the song to a sharp point.

When we heard the remix we wept. We rubbed our hands and we called out. But we could not deny that he had taken a thing of beauty and imbued it with a raw, feral power that had to be unleashed.

And so Too Cool comes to you, from the dark heart of Leicester with the evil glee of cosmopolitan North America. It is unlike anything we have made before and we think it is a fitting song to commence what will be a long and painful year.

2023 will not be pretty. There is so much unsettled business in the world. So much shit that needs to be shovelled. Too Cool is the song to play as we commence work.

Take. No. Fucking. Prisoners. Nasty, out.