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Saturday 13 November 2021

EAT NAStY! Punk Cookery Show Launches


Modern life is a minefield. How can you learn how to cook tasty meals with fresh ingredients whilst also enjoying cutting edge music? What do 9 o'clock Nasty actually eat?

We have you covered. Welcome to Eat Nasty.

Every now and then we will share with you a music video that includes all the steps needed to make something tasty that we would eat ourselves. Just watch, groove, cook and eat!

Episode 1 is Nasty Sauce, the recipe for which we did include in the Nasty Pack - the super-value CD pack that is still on sale for £5.

This recipe is slightly different, but we did make it, and we did eat it and we can confirm it was very tasty.

We will continue to make the odd cookery video as and when we feel like it. We welcome suggested recipes top challenge us, the messier the better. The rules are:

  • It has to be actually edible after we make it.
  • It has to be possible to make it in the length of one song, single take. So Beef Wellington would be tough to do.
  • It cannot involve Ted using anything sharper than scissors.

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