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Friday 12 November 2021

Roadie Music calls Sexy Back Seductive-Bizarre and that brings us Joy


Yet again Pete is packing his flight case and heading for Brazil! Thank you to Roadie Music for their kind words.

We wouldn't normally reproduce the text of a review in full here because we want readers to go read the original - it helps maintain a healthy eco-system of independent reviewers for indie bands (or as we now call ourselves "Aristocrats of Punk") - but as it is in Portuguese (and Ted's sharpening his skills with every review!) we thought we'd help out - please do give them a click, they're a great site.

9 o’clock Nasty continues its relentless and fantastic journey into the year 2021! We haven't even digested the SENSATIONAL album “Catch Nasty”, recently released, and the guys are already attacking me with another gun of irrepressible dimensions, the single “Sexy Back”! That's right, a FANTASTIC version of the banger designed by Justin Timberlake, Nate Hills and Tim Mosley. 

We choose not to try and tighten up on the translation of "gun of irrepressible dimensions" because we like the phrase! 

Only totally subverted into the absurdly particular style of the Leicester group.

A powerful riff loaded with the most involving “dirt”, incurring in smoky and lugubrious atmospheres, but simultaneously loaded with a very powerful groove, referring a lot to the crossover scene in the nineties, especially when the rap starts to “eat loose” by the three, in a vocal interaction extremely powerful! And take in distortions (the garage tradition holds!), experimentation, and a “seductive-bizarre” vibe of high hypnotic synergy, culminating in an incredible encore!

Truth: when we started thinking about covering the song, seductive, garage and bizarre were all on the PostIt. It is such an icon of "Straight Culture" (we don't heterosexual with that word) that it is so much more powerful to make it into something dreamlike and surreal. Remember those hot sexual fantasies when you[re half awake at 4am. Oh. Is it only us then? Well that's what we were aiming for. 

Along with the fantastic version (yes, Mr. Timberlake will be very proud, we have no doubts!), the trio enlists us a video clip conceived in a minimalist format, extremely successful in its proposal. The image + sound combo has never been so inseparable, the musical journey experience really becomes more complete, WE RECOMMEND! The bard's “sound blender” of yesteryear is absolutely sensory irresistible, and the “Sexy Back” version, along with the unmissable promotional video, has everything to take the 9 o'clock Nasty to even more stratospheric dimensions! After the incredible EPs, "Dust" and "Cut", and the album in digital format, "Catch Nasty", nothing to stop this "monstrous" version, as the band announced the work on a new EP. Unstoppable in artistic creation! 

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