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Wednesday 10 November 2021

Mass Mango Production


Pete has warned Ted to never disturb him again with a good review. This has caused friction at Koala Studio. Mostly for Sydd.

Mangowave reviewed Cut last weekend and it's worth a look.

A blog with a masthead that checks music, feminism, anti-fascism and punk is a sound place to start a journey or to end it and they liked the EP. It was also lovely to see Jimmy Carr with a handgrenade again.

Laughing at your own jokes is bad form but there is probably an exception for Jimmy Carr in a cuckoo clock gags.

So Sydd, for his day job, handles explosives powerful enough to lay waste to all of North West Leicestershire, and if the wind is blowing in the right direction (sorry, the wrong direction) a little of Derbyshire too. This means he has extremely steady hands and does not like to have someone walk silently up behind him and start screaming quotes from a review. Luckily he had nothing worse than two Newcastle Brown in his hands when Ted let rip, but nevertheless, the Artex ceiling will never be quite the same again.

Leicester's 9 o'clock nasty have proven to be a true mass producer of hits, bangers, and anthems

It isn't that we aim to be mass producers, it is just that we have a lot of ideas for songs and a studio to make them in. Hits, Bangers and Anthems though. That made us glow.

The opener 'Dead Planet' could easily become the soundtrack to an apocalyptic film or for your next FridaysForFuture protest action. A massively rolling guitar loop carries the message forward that our species is very good in destroying its environment and itself.

If we get enough warning for the end of the world we shall certainly play Dead Planet on full volume as we shake our fists at people passing on the mid track by our front door. Of course, there may not be many as we aren't on any of the best bug-out routes out of anywhere. For us it is more about the yourself part. Sad thing about self-destruction is people lose their sense of humour. Well probably not the most sad thing, but it still stands as a point.

Thank you Mango Wave, you're lovely and we won't keep you waiting too long for the next release. "Party." Well, December. It's kind of party season, right?

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