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Tuesday 9 November 2021

Nasty Nostalgia?

Ted gets very overexcited by a good review. It is a worry. We had an intercontinental (as opposed to incontinental) question and answer with the forbidding presence of Nishani Varma during the week (and trust us he is every bit as intimidating as his photo suggests).

Anyhoo, this is the review that Ted burst a blood vessel over. Please read it before delving further. It's a wonderful piece by a perceptive and funny writer.

So Ted had to tell someone about the review, Danzig is in the respite home that doesn't allow visitors on Sunday mornings. Sydd was at the allotment creating more inter-species monstrous carnivorous plants, so that left poor long suffering Pete. The Brock goes to the gym for two reasons. He goes to maintain his bull-like physical form. He goes to escape Ted's constant yabbering.

We understand an 80kg squat lift is a nice warm up for some people and absolute torture for others, but after trying to hold position while Ted held his old Nokia screen close to his face for more than 2 minutes Pete well and truly lost his shit and is now barred from the gym.

But it is objectively a great piece about the band, and we mostly told the truth in the answers (about twice as much as usual). 

Nishant is right. Sexy Back has been overplayed. The world is utterly sick of the taut, sync-heavy construction without any visible flaw or edge as it twists and bounds across the disco-sphere. But when you're tanked and you've got a bass set to 11 and it is 3am, it is a bassline that will slip from your inner ear to your left wrist by way of your right nipple. We wanted to open it up a bit. Give it room to call out and scream.

This means musicianship at the peak and no experiments with colorful flowers and stuff before recording.

We certainly don't waste time on anything before recording. Typically we try to avoid even talking. A grunt can do a lot when you're working with 1/2" tape. Whether that qualifies as any kind of peak musicianship is debatable although Nish probabkly meant Tom Petty rather than us!

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