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Monday 8 November 2021

Formula Indie Plays Sexy Back


Thank you to Formula Indie for giving Sexy Back it's second to twenty sixth radio plays (that we know of). It's a long show each week featuring unsigned artists from all over the world. The show goes out over FM radio on stations worldwide which we didn't realise until about 54 minutes ago. We got excited for a moment thinking we might finally make some of our PRS money back but we now realise we probably just made Justin Timberlake $4. Hey Justin, you're welcome mate x

What delights us a bit more - and this is not to be snarky about any of the other people whose music was played, is that we totally jarred compared to the really smooth and well modulated tones of just about everyone else included (listed below). 

The idea that at 10pm last night a taxi driver in Viterbo was smoothly cruising the streets with their windows open to get rid of the scent of their lover's cologne when suddenly this monstrous beast of a version of Sexy Back just fucked out of the speakers and messed with his mind.

That, just that thought makes it worthwhile.

A pug howling in Athens. A chef dancing around the dead chickens in Costa Rica. Nasty. Even more amusing is we know Danzip, the most dangerous man in Western Music is an obsessive and will have listened to the show live because he knew we were on it. He loathes our version of Sexy Back, but he will have loathed almost everything else ten times more.

Nathan Trent – Underwater

Frannie B – Downfall

Jadamarie – Twilight Zone

9 o'clock Nasty – Sexy Back

Calista Del Toro Music– Urge

DoosC – La Plata

Bailey Jaxxon – Lies

Dino Archon Music– Black Moon

Teen Mortgage – Shangri-La

Allyours – Taste

Sean Keel – Soup Line

Kevin Keew – Br-Pop

Agne_B – le† mE GO

Giorgos Tabakis guitar – Attraction

King Uche – Drip Like Indomie

Elison Elison   – Meet Me Halfway

Wine Moms – Faces (Names) 

100 watt shine – Don’t That Beat All

Deranged the Insane Way Up

Osea Codega – Joke

Tha Faction – G.O.A.T.

Francy Lupi – Sorridere

Fadi Awad feat. Erisse - Heading Out To The Club

Executive Order Music- A to Z

Carlito Panama - OG CP 7154

The Ringflowers– The G-String Theory (Grøn Samba)

Gabriele Saro – Ring The Bell

Pragnya Wakhlu– Song of Hope

Jordan Downs  - Jordan Downs 

Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Ora sono con te

Pragnya Wakhlu – Fallin

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