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Wednesday 24 November 2021

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You sign up, we send you a newsletter by email. Never more than one a month, we are not Spam Assassins. You give us your address and pick pink or black and we send you the relevant badge and doll's shoes.

But that's Crazy you may say. Why give free stuff and pay for postage to encourage people to sign up and what is the free song you may also enquire?

In reverse order. The free song this month is a remix of Monstruosa by Brynn Chipps. It's quite a major reworking of the song and we adore it.


Well: Facebook.

We've had a couple of "scares" this month where music we wrote and published and can prove we own the rights to was taken down with no right of appeal. We know of a band that we love, that had their account closed (and we know they hadn't done anything suspect to deserve it). Things like this make you want to be able to talk to your audience directly.

We've partially protected ourselves by diversifying over Instagram (yes we know...), YouTube, TikTok and Amazing Radio. Indeed we will have a go at making connections on as many routes as we have time for. Across all of them we are getting a lot of connections and daily plays. But there is always that slight sense of discomfort.

So help us feel good. Help us feel confident and connect direct with us. We will not take the piss, use your email for advertising or any other nonsense. We will give you exclusive early access to songs and try and make the email entertaining. We'll pop a badge in the post for you. They're nice badges. Sign Up.

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