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In a HURRY? You can download all of our songs in mp3 format (for free) from this link. The links below are classier.

Politic (EP) January 2022

  • King Thing Some of us have greatness thrust upon us. Others may resent it. There is no cure if you become infested with the King Thing.
  • Get Into Them Part 1. A Bhangra dancefloor marathon as we plea for people to rise up, be kind, tolerant and fuck them up.
  • Get Into Them Part 2 Meanwhile we have the same words, the same sentiments but this time we are in the middle of a Pop Psychosis episode. This is the most perfect pop song we've released so far.

Party (EP) December 2021

Dekket (AA Single) November 2021

Cut (EP5) October 2021

  • Dead Planet, commentary on self-destruction
  • Gravy Train, the collision of free market economics and relentless inbreeding
  • THX1138, the clues are there. Follow them.

Dust (EP4) September 2021

Growl (EP3) August 2021

Dry (EP2) July 2021

Dank (EP1) June 2021

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